Gray | Pink, two-tone candles

Gray | Pink, two-tone candles

Gray | Pink, two-tone candles


Handmade, two-tone candles from Verksted x Ladens Lys in beautiful shades. The candles fit perfectly in all homes, from the austere Nordic decor to the colorful pastel.
All candles are handmade from the purest materials and each candle is completely unique. The candles measure 20 cm in height and have a burning time of 6-8 hours. The price is per. PCS.


Decorate your home with two-tone candles

Two-colored candles are one of the hottest interior trends of the time at the moment. And rightly so. With our large assortment of two-colored candles, there is something for every interior design style, whether you are for muted Nordic colors or colorful pastel decor. The two-colored candles can be mixed with our twisted candles, twisted candles and candles. Create color-coordinated arrangements with different candles and candlesticks or go a more courageous path and mix between all our beautiful colors.
Light is more than just light!

High quality two-color sterile candles

The two-colored candles from Ladens Lys are handmade from 100% real, high-quality candles. Each candle is hand-dipped in the chosen color theme, creating a unique light every single time. The two-colored lights are available in many different color combinations and we are constantly coming up with new collections.

The candles measure 20 cm in height and fit in most candlesticks
The candles are made of 100% pure stearin
The candles have a burning time of 6-8 hours

Two-colored candles are sold exclusively at Verksted

At Verksted dealer and we distribute two-colored candles from Ladens Lys, exclusively as the only ones in Denmark. Buy the two-colored candles and let them decorate your home or contact us for a dealer agreement. At Verksted, we carry, like our two-colored candles, a wide selection of custom-made and handmade goods that may be used in your shop or webshop.

Workshop x Ladens Lys

All our two-colored candles are made exclusively for Verksted af Ladens Lys. Here the focus is on producing candles of the highest quality with modern and fun twists that follow the trends of the time. Each candle is unique and handmade, so you will not find two that are alike.

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