Leather table card, Round

Leather table card, Round

Leather table card, Round


Beautiful table cards in 100% core leather. Choose from our 3 beautiful colors and get engraved exactly the text you want in one of our 10 fonts. Try our font designer before ordering.

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A table card with many options
Our table cards in leather come in 2 beautiful colors

  • Cognac – a classic dark brown leather
  • London – a light brown glossy leather

Exclusive table cards in 100% core leather
Elegant and exclusive table cards in leather. We engrave and cut our leather with laser cutter, which provides endless possibilities for design, text, symbols, images and more. Here is the opportunity to personalize your leather table cards as desired. Let all guests have a unique and beautiful leather table card that is guaranteed to impress. The table card works as a beautiful little gift for each of your guests – they can save the table card and at any time remember back at your party where they got them. Our table cards are lock-cut in 2.5-3 mm. core leather of all the best quality. The table cards are available as standard with 10 different fonts that you can try out on this page, so you can find the style that suits your party. Table cards for confirmation – Table cards for weddings – Table cards for christenings: the possibilities are many and we supply for all types of parties, private and business.

Genuine leather – genuine quality
Our table cards in leather are made of the very best materials and we never compromise on quality.

We select only the best leather in the highest quality. Our range is from the large cattle country, Argentina in South America. The cows have large areas here where they can walk and graze freely, which we are very aware of. Our local supplier of leather goods has personally visited the specific farm where the cows go and the leather is tanned, which assures us that the conditions are proper. In order for the cattle breeders to know the difference between their own animals when they graze in the large areas, the animals are branded – this we can see on the leather that we receive, but this is of course sorted out before we produce table cards for our customers.
The leather is 100% natural and core leather. That means it is the pure commodity. The leather behaves differently and will eventually take on the color of the environment to which it is exposed.
The tannery, where the raw skins are received directly from the slaughterhouse, has the skins through a lengthy tanning process that can take up to a month before you have the finished product.
The important thing about this type of leather is what you use for the actual tanning.
The leather that we sell is tanned with extracts from the bark of the Quebracho tree. In addition, the dyeing of the leather is done exclusively with plant dye, which makes this product extraordinary. From the tannery, the water used can be led directly back into the ecosystem. This means that there is no wastewater left and no toxic chemicals.
The leather is vegetable tanned and for the same reason very suitable for tasks such as. engraving and embossing.

In addition, you have several options when you order these table cards in leather. Choose a very simple and classic round table card or have a hollow rivet inserted in oxidised brass. With a hollow rivet, you have the option of putting a string or key ring through, which gives extra many uses with the beautiful table cards in leather. As a starting point, we always use oxidized brass for both hollow rivets and key rings. This gives a very rustic and natural look which we think complements the beautiful table cards in leather well.

The table cards measure 6 cm in diameter
We like to make long names as well as double names. We point out that the length of the name will affect the font size and that double names will basically be divided into 2 lines

We make much more than table cards in leather – see our large selection of exclusive party items for weddings, confirmations, christenings and company parties.

We hope you enjoy these place cards as much as we do. They are absolutely beautiful and absolutely fantastic as place cards for confirmations, weddings, christenings or company parties. Can we help you in your decision making? So call or write to us here on the website. Really good fun and good luck with your upcoming celebration.

With leather keychains, you can get exactly the result you want.

The table card is made with engraving
At Verksted, we love to make everything personal. Whether it is table cards in leather, table decorations or things for the home, our passion is to make it all unique. That’s why you get a name, a text, a logo or something completely engraved in the leather. It gives your table card a nice look that is different from the popular upholstered leather table cards. With an engraving you get something that lasts forever and differs from others.

Our many different fonts make it possible for you to make exactly the table card you dream of – in the best quality of leather.

What can you engrave in a table card?
Everything! The answer is quite simple. When working with table cards in leather, it is only the imagination that sets the limits. Then you dream of giving your guests a table card with the text “Grandma” and then a heart, yes of course we do. How the font should be and what the heart should look like, you decide. Of course, we have some standards to use, but technically, it can be any type of heart. All the symbols that you can find on your keyboard and all the shapes that you can think of can be engraved into the surface of the leather, which makes the table card for your grandmother something very special.

Leather table card with logo

We also produce table cards and coasters with logos for companies and events. With the engraving of a logo or company profile text in the leather, you will be visible in many places and to new potential customers. You can also use it as a corporate gift or as merchandise for business purposes. We are happy to send in advance drafts of your table cards or coasters and beer mats in leather before the order is made and can of course give you and your employees something special and unique.

Leather is a natural product – so is your table card

As you can read in the section above, your table card is part of a large ecosystem that has been carefully made as green and sustainable as possible. The leather is genuine and pure core leather, which also means that it will work over time. Over time and depending on the environments to which they are exposed, it takes on color and sun, fat and many other things that you incur. The leather lives on forever and if you take care of it, you will have a personal memory forever. The leather is easy to work with and if you take care of it, you will have it forever.