Caketopper, Wreath

Caketopper, Wreath

Caketopper, Wreath

DKK 200,00

A nice flower wreath that can surround your last name, new titles, first names or whatever you want. Here are many different design options and definitely one that fits perfectly with your cake. Choose the decoration for cakes that suits your party.

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Decorate cakes for the wedding party – design yourself and get the most beautiful look!

With a party comes a cake! And to the top of the cake belongs a cake topper. Why not decorate the cake with the finest cake decorations? Decorations for cakes are our specialty and we make the most beautiful cake decorations for your wedding cake based on your entries.

At Verksted, we carry a large assortment of decorations for cakes that can be adapted exactly to your party. Here you have the opportunity to make a beautiful flower wreath with your last name in it. The possibilities are many and we are always ready to design exactly what you want. Get the finest decorations for cakes made. The cake top is laser cut in 3 mm. wood, acrylic or mirror.

The cake top measures approx. 18 cm. in diameter and comes in at 7.5 cm. long stick.
Adjust the size and appearance of the text to your entries

Our cake tops are used for decoration and are not for food use. The products do not contain harmful substances. We recommend that you wash the acrylic products by hand before use and possibly wrap the part that is in contact with the edible in film.